In 2 minutes you'll know the basic differences between each device

There are 3 main anti-nano devices

4 devices comparison

Here they are in Tony’s original videos

(I know the quality is terrible, this is the best I could find after hours of searching)

The Bucket

tony nano bucket

The Triangle

2024-07-08 22_00_02

The Spike

A bucket wrapped in wire that pulses your legs when you put them in

Triangle shaped anti-nano EMP pulser

Tesla-like coil that directs a small voltage into electrodes that deliver a very small zap.

So why is there a 4th device on this list?

The Spyk is my upgraded version of Tony’s Spike.
With many added capabilities, benefits and and bonus features
(a few are listed below)


Adjustable pulse for people of all ages & sizes.

Neat packaging. Easy plug-n-play system.

Dedicated electrodes for Spyking underwater (for food, footsoaks & baths).

4 devices comparison

So from left to right you have:

The Bucket
The Triangle
The Spike
The Spyk

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