Nanotechnology & Health

WHAT is nano?

Nano particles refer to particles around one billionth of a meter in size. The size is so inconceivably small here are some examples to help: [1]

  1. A strand of human DNA is 2.5 nanometres in diameter
  2. A strand of hair is about 100,000 nanometres wide
  3. A single nano particle is about the size of 3 gold atoms

We are exposed to nano particles in many forms, coming from the sky, in our food packaging, in clothes, pharmaceuticals, supplements, cosmetics, electronic devices and the list goes on. These particles are now everywhere, in the air we breathe, in the food we eat, in the soil we plant in, in the water we drink, the clothes we wear. Literally eVeRywHeRe…

WHY are nano particles dangerous?

Bypass our natural defense systems

Since nano particles are smaller than molecules and around the size of atoms, they have ability to totally bypass the protective membrane of any cell. This compromises all the natural barriers we are born with, our skin, our mucus membranes, our blood-brain barrier, the defenses of our immune system, etc

Delivery system into our DNA

Nano is smaller than your DNA. With the ability to ‘pre-program’ nano particles to deliver certain medications, nano technology can deliver foreign DNA straight to your DNA structure, causing mutations and inflammation. This DNA can include targeted medications, viruses or other ‘GMO style’ DNA. This is the main reason recent mRNA medical treatments are such a concern to the health of those who took it, and anyone they interact with through ‘shedding’.

Self assembling

Nano can self-assemble [2] into all various forms of ‘synthetic biology’ and what resembles conductive electronic chips! Self-assembly can also be used to create other drugs or foreign structures inside the body. To learn more about the science behind this, please subscribe to our newsletter :).

Self spreading

Nano assemblies have the capacity to self-spread [3]. Spreading can occur through air, objects or skin before finding a new host. After contact with the host, nano-particles enter the body, aggregate and can cause various sorts of damage as above. This is another reason recent mRNA medical treatments are so dangerous, even if you haven’t taken the treatment, you are still being subjected to the treatment through the air and physical contact.

Nano Toxicity Symptoms

Ailments that are often caused by nano toxicity:

  1. Skin issues, rashes and allergies
  2. Headaches,  unexplained aches and pains
  3. Sensitivity to EMFs, especially in shopping centres and public places
  4. Inflammation
  5. Oxidative stress
  6. DNA damage

Nano Illnesses

Illnesses confirmed to be directly caused by nano toxicity:

  1. Morgellons – with wires and fibers coming out of the skin
  2. Lyme disease
  3. Certain instances of cancer, particularly lymphoma

Environmentally, nanoparticles have been found to cause environmental damage, they have a toxic effect on plants and aquatic organisms, and may also contribute to the pollution of air and water.

HOW do I protect myself?

Use devices that disengage and detox nano particles in your body. Results are most effective when using a pulse treatment, combined with a device that detoxes the nano out of the body through water.

How do anti-nano devices work?

Nano particles are susceptible to high level electrical charge, or ‘pulses’. Think of this as the lightning that burns electrical circuits. Knowing this, Tony Pantaleresco developed a number of devices that disengage nano assemblies and help detox the particles out of your body. We use his revolutionary technology in our products, combined with a safety and user-oriented design.

With our devices, you have what you need to preserve your DNA, disengage nano, and detox it from your body.





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