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Integration of everything would require a huge amount of storage and Manipulation-and what is being stored would have to  be configured to the operating system and storage –and in order to create the means to do this you would have to supply the storage speed and capacitance and energy to do this-DNA  through  nano and crisper manipulation can accomplish this and with this also goes the aspect of infiltration the DNA operating system

DNA is now hackable -in other words a dna strand with a program can infiltrate and alter the original template and cany cause a malfunction in a dna operatinf sytem operating AI and network

DNA can also be altered through  direct tampering through crispr which can have untold or un intended side effects that can be at the site or away from targetted area of alteration-which is the operating system of what ever is being altered-plant -animal -aquatic-avian-mammal -reptile-insect -biological-bacteria fungi-viral -algae-mold or microbes or parasites

More information -on Nano DNA Integration and Synthetic Life and AI–

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