TP's Spike Shopping List

  1. Spool
  2. Charger (12v or 24v)
  3. Mechanical/Electro-mechanical Flasher (12v or 24v)
  4. Speaker cable (for the primary cable)
  5. Hookup wire (secondary cable)
  6. Male & female connectors
  7. Electrical tape
  8. Copper foil

Important info on making TP's Spike

After watching Tony’s Spike video on Bitchute, you may be confused. Tony means well and is a pioneer in the anti-nano space, however when it comes to creating the Spike itself the info he provides can be a little confusing.

The most important thing that Tony does not say, is that the charger you use should be properly rated for the speaker cable you have to avoid issues such as overheating or destroying the charger.

The flasher should also be correctly rated to handle the voltage and amperage of the charger.

Ensure that you procure a mechanical or electro-mechanical flasher, in our experience others simply do not work

The strength of the Spike depends on two things:

  1. Resistance, determined by:
    1. the thickness of the cable (gauge)
    2. the number of windings used in the primary and second coils
  2. The specifications of the charger you use

How is TP's Spike different to Power of the Pulse Spyk?

We have invested much time and money into improving Tony’s Spike. Our Spyk’s power is adjustable, making it suitable for people of all ages and sizes from small babies to large men. Our Spyk comes in a neat box and with durable, reinforced electrodes.

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