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The papers provided have some overlap, however they cover nanotechnology, nano toxicology and synthetic biology

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This site is dedicated to revealing the information on the effects of the NANO in the air and now in the dna and eventually in the food and will be posted on here as well

This is to make you totally aware of these factors that are coming and and so that when you see issues in health and mental and emotional and mental things that would not be an issue are becoming more prevalent to even NANOPOISONING – AEROSOLNANO POISONING – AND DNANANO CONSTRUCT and PROGRAMMING awareness and the root causes of the issues and to wake up out of old paradyms that are not prevalent to being real and that ALOT OF THE OLD ideas and remedies will not have an effect. the GWEN TOWER EFFECT- for Canada and for the USA

(My own addition: for Australia –

Download Tony’s papers with his highlighting and added comments:

Measuring Airborne NANO and Properties

Since bicyclists are encouraged to 'help reduce traffic and air pollution', possible health effects

The Ground-Wave Emergency (GWEN)

Military communications system

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