Carbon Nanoparticle Invaders

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Evidence that some carbon nanomaterials can enter into immune cell membranes, seemingly going undetected by the cell’s built-in mechanisms for engulfing and disposing of foreign material, and then escape through some unidentified pathway.– The researchers from the School of Public Health and College of Engineering say their findings of a more passive entry of the materials into cells is the first research to show that the normal process of endocytosis-phagocytosis isn’t always activated when cells are confronted with tiny Carbon 60 (C60) molecules



They found that the C60 particles in low concentrations were entering the membrane individually, without perturbing the structure of the cell enough to trigger its normal response.[O1] -“Computational modeling of C60 interacting with lipid bilayers, representative of the cellular membrane, show that particles readily diffuse into biological membranes and find a thermodynamically stable equilibrium in an eccentric position within the bilayer,”

NANO Integration With DNA-attaching to all the Nucleotides

Many Shapes and Materials of Carbon:

These are more then able to penetrate any cell in the body and cause issue-imagine a material harder then diamond ( carbon ) graphene entering into specific organs through a translocation effect and lodging into lung or liver or brain or heart or spleen or kidney—this has a lot of dire side effects –the technology on this is not on just the penetration of the particles but as well the morphing or transforming the cells and integrating the proteins or nucleotides ( DNA )

Self Assembled Peptide NanoStructure NANOFIBER Forest

this is what inside and on the layers that come out by penetration~ this is the network or forest this creates in a host human or other wise- and as it integrates and assimilates you can see how the DNA and proteins are easily accessed with carbonnano tech

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