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Redesigning or altering existing natural systems using engineering principles. Merging biology with synthetic and digital technology.

This data has information on how NanoParticles can be “MASS PRODUCED” and how in almost all situations even when using metals that are in a salt form how they can be incorporated in almost all forms of Biology-bacteria-fungi-yeast-viruses-plant life-biomass to name a few to create a vast array of NanoParticles or MASS PRODUCE utilizing for instance gold -silver -palladium-and almost any circuit construct -or materials that are not even listed in the periodic table and even if utilized with things that it would normally kill off the leftover proteins and DNA would start an assembling process ~ so alot of what we are hearing today in regard the safety of “colloids” has to be challenged because what is being sold today is no longer colloidal but nano.

The “Super Bugs” that they are also referring to are Mutations but not done through the normal levels of evolution but are Assisted in there construct utilizing this technology-and in fact there are Questions as to the actual Nature of the infections people globally are dealing with today and the actual root cause~ Goo and other things today that are being referred to is nothing more then the early attempts to weaponize nano~ and in fact nanowarfare research is ongoing and with gwen towers all about this makes this science exceedingly dangerious ~ reckless abandonment has been ongoing and the insidious concept of using this technology in vaccines makes this a genetic destructive force unparalleled-nothing is more dangerious then to insert this tech and basically download a program into a human being and to overwrite the genetic code altering dna and mutating chromosomes

With this BioNano Construct you can literally “grow tech” and the shame to fame with this technology as per usual will be the benefacting effect this will bring about –But the reality is that this technology is unchecked unregulated and cannot be taken back once it gets out and as it is with the current understanding of the market there at present 1600 consumer products including dental fillings having this tech- pharmaceuticals and nutreceuticals professing “Nano Delivery” Vaccines and is being used as a preserving agent or bioagent on foods today irrespective of choices and the safety factor on this tech is far far from having any neutralizing effects when things go wrong

Download Tony’s papers with his highlighting and added comments:

NANO Creations Assembly Mass Producing Assimilating

Viruses can be made to churn out high-tech nanomaterials + synthesis of metal nanoparticles in living organisms

Nano-enabled synthetic biology

Synthetic biology and how it can be implemented with nanotech.

DNA 'origami' could help build faster, cheaper computer chips

DNA proteins being manipulated for different applications


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