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Let’s discuss the nano injectables and why they matter even if you haven’t taken them.

The Official Narrative:

According to any mainstream website regarding the matter, the COVID injectable is made up of an mRNA strand encapsulated in a lipid nano particle.

The mRNA is taken from the DNA of the SARS-COV-2 spike protein. Spike protein are spike-like proteins found on the outside of a virus cell, allowing the virus to enter victim cells.

The mRNA goes into the cells and instruct the cell’s protein factory (the ribosome) to start producing spike proteins.

So what does nano have to do with this?

mRNA could easily degrade within the conditions of the body before integrating with a target cell. So to prevent this, the mRNA is contained within a lipid nano-particle.

This narrative raises many concerns.

Turning the body’s cells into spike proteins results in many horrific adverse affects.

However, that isn’t even the worst part. Tens of thousands of nanoparticles are being injected directly into the blood. These nanoparticles naturally cause much damage to the body, on a molecular, cell and organ level. They cross the blood-brain barrier, the stomach blood barrier, the testis-blood barrier and the placental barrier. The mechanisms of this toxicity will be covered in detail in our upcoming nano-toxicology post.

The Non-Official Narrative:

There is much concerning data on the injectable, that isn’t endorsed by the mainstream.

Let’s cover just a few of the ideas and possibilities.

  1. Direct DNA Change
    • DNA makes RNA makes mRNA. It is entirely possible that the vaccine directly edits the DNA, which translates into spike protein creation
  2. DNA change through reverse transcription
    • A Swedish study found that the mRNA can edit the DNA of a cell using a process called reverse transcription. The article was ‘fact checked’, but there’s a loophole. mRNA can only reverse transcribe into DNA if it enters the cell nucleus. The fact checkers say that mRNA cannot enter the nucleus of a cell. But nano can, making this a possible occurence.
  3. Total destruction of reproductive system
    • Many reports have concluded that the injectable can cause total infertility
  4. Graphene
    • Nano graphene structures were found to be contained in the vials of injectables. The implications of this finding are so dire, we will cover the entire topic in another blog

But I’m not injected, why does this matter to me?

The answer is… shedding.

You don’t have to be injected, to be v@ccin8ed.

A researcher Dr. Helene Banoun conducted a study in 2022, that studied the possibility of excretion of mRNA and spike proteins from injected individuals to trans-v@ccin8ing non-injected individuals.

Here’s a quote from the paper on why she created the study:

‘In October 2021,
I received a testimony from a group of French caregivers:
they observed a stroke in
a 7-year-old child with no risk factors
and whose parents had been
freshly vaccinated.’

Her terrifying research paper concluded the following:

Lipid nano particles (whether containing mRNA or not) are excreted through bodily fluids (such as sweat, sputum, breast milk)

She then goes on to talk about how non-injected nanoparticles can enter the system, and where they go

Exposure of the human body to nanoparticles can occur accidentally
through inhalation, skin contact, or ingestion. In the case of
inhalation, the possible routes of transfer of nanoparticles are the
bloodstream (systemic), the lymphatic vessels, the gastrointestinal
tract and the central and/or peripheral nervous system

Nano particles of a certain size have extensive blood circulation, meaning the entire body is exposed to the nano toxicity and mRNA (or other drugs included)

Nanoparticles that are between 5 and 200 nm tend to have extensive
blood circulation. Larger lipid nano particles (LNPs) have prolonged blood circulation and
little renal excretion. Because of the size of LNPs, inhalation is the
most direct route of entry into the respiratory system. Exposure can be
intentional, as in the case of targeting or therapeutic nanoparticles, or
unintentional, through inhalation or dermal exposure, due to the
increasing number of industrial applications of nanoparticles

Pfizer themselves know the dangers of their injectable on the reproductive system

According to a confidential Pfizer document obtained through
FOIA concerning pharmacokinetic studies in rats, LNPs
concentrate in the ovaries and to a lesser extent in the testes.

This means that the reproductive systems of both men and women are being turned into concentrated spike protein factories AS WELL as being exposed to the infertility inducing properties of nano particles.

The paper goes on to discuss nasal delivery methods for nano injectables. Stating that:

  1. experiments on mice managed to deliver RNA to a brain tumor intra-nasally (through the nose).
  2.  mRNA injectables can be administered effectively through inhalation
The paper also studies trans-cutaneous delivery (through physical touch). It concludes the following:
  1. smaller lipid nano particles can penetrate the skin and integrate with cells
  2. large lipid nano particles may accumulate in follicular openings, sebaceous glands, skin folds and hair follicles

Experiencing hair loss? Hair going grey or white early?

Hair shriveling or taking on a weird synthetic look and feel? This could be why.

The paper concludes that RNA and spike are excreted by different body fluids and could enter by transcutaneous or inhalation route in non-injected individuals, effectively injecting them.

This proves you don’t have to be injected, to be v@ccin8ed.

We all have been trans-v@ccin8ed at some level.

You touch injected people.

You eat food touched by injected people.

You breathe next to injected people

You, have been injected.

However, there is hope. Trans-v@ccin8tion is a slower process than injection directly in the blood stream.

You haven’t been entirely hijacked…. yet

Learn to protect yourself

Then take action


Helene Banoun, 2022: Current state of knowledge on the excretion of mRNA and spike produced by anti-COVID-19 mRNA vaccines; possibility of contamination of the entourage of those vaccinated by these products

Fact check article

YouTube lecture about RNA

Destruction of male sperm

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