Activated Charcoal

Anytime you’re burning something, you’re going to have some particles in the nanoscale due to the heat. References The so called ‘benefits’, watch out for the clues as to what activated charcoal really is: Benefits Clues that it’s nano Desorption and mode of action Carbon Black Toxicity Smoke and soot contains nano carbons CNT toxicity …

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Silica is one of the most insanely confusing topics in the healthfood industry. Between words like “clinoptilolite”, “diatomateous earth”, “aluminum silicate”, and catchprhases goofy gurus will throw at you, this topic can be very complicated. I’d love to add to this later to make it a fully searchable compendium of silica knowledge, but for now …

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Basic Nano Toxicology

Nanotoxicology refers to the study of nanomaterials and their toxicity. This is a huge field, but let’s provide a basic, what-you-need-to-know introduction. There are thousands of different nanomaterials, some examples include: For drug delivery: Nanoshells (Gold, C60…) Dendrimers Polymers Liposomes (used in the injectable) Nano computing Quantam dots (made of cadmium, other metals or possibly …

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