Silica is one of the most insanely confusing topics in the healthfood industry.

Between words like “clinoptilolite”, “diatomateous earth”, “aluminum silicate”, and catchprhases goofy gurus will throw at you, this topic can be very complicated.

I’d love to add to this later to make it a fully searchable compendium of silica knowledge, but for now here’s some quick info

Silica Products:

  1. Zeolite (an aluminum silicate)
  2. Diatomaceous Earth (a nanoscale mix of crystalline and amorphous silica)
  3. Bentonite Clay (an aluminum silicate)
  4. Just regular good ol’ toxic silica

Silica Terminology

Silica = Silicon Dioxide. They’re synonyms
Aluminum Silicate = combined aluminum and silica compound
Clinoptilolite = the type of zeolite that’s marketed as so wonderful for humans
Amorphous = not crystalline

The 8 Points on Why Zeolite and Silica Products Are Everything You’ll Ever Need

(to destroy your health)

1. It’s nano
2. It’s an aluminum silicate
3. Cytoxicity, genotoxicity, mutagencity, teratogenicity
4. Organ damage
5. Shutting down communication
6. Nano carrier system
7. Doesn’t actually remove heavy metals
8. Do you truly want to risk it? There are other chelators

Silica Product Fun Facts:

Diatomaceous earth will help you detox, give you more energy, improve your brain function etc. Wanna know what else it’s used for? Ripping the bodies of slugs open and killing them.
Yup, I guess one slug’s death sentence is another slug’s saviour…. uhm, right?

Zeolites are used removal of heavy metals from soils and sewage water, what they forgot to tell you is that the zeolite also kills the soil microbiota… resulting in dead soils and more synthetic nano fertilisers necessary to produce dead food, which is great news…. well, at least if my name is Bill Gates.

Bentonite clay is used to seal the bottom of dams and ponds to contain the water. Mmmm who wants that in their stomach?

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